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SPATIL Private Academy

Providing Visionary Skills, Tools, And Techniques Toward Infinite Achievement.

Shaping Our Nation's​ Future, One Student at a Time size

We place education as a powerful tool in today's world. With our understanding of the world around us and the future needs of our children, we believe creating an environment where students, parents, and education professionals can jointly interact with the common goal of knowledge and learning will provide a unique and superior head start in the education of our youth. We want to provide opportunities which everyone can gain through education.

Students, Parents and Teachers Interactive Learning (SPATIL) – Private Academy adheres to its mission of providing unique, personal, and quality education through affordable services , convenient location(s) and a conducive safe learning environment. The core competencies of our services are subject-based teaching, having solid experience in conducting lessons through technology in the classrooms or through distance learning programs. We provide high quality education through specific subjects and excellent materials to a minimal student ratio. We foster maintaining a controlled small student base hereby enabling individualized learning. This cultivates and creates a supportive relationship with our students and parents.

 We nurture the thirst for knowledge - and this speaks true of what we value most, learning.

Our dedicated team is hardworking, reliable, and place learning above everything else. SPATIL Private Academy was formulated as a response to the growing need for non-traditional learning that promotes self-discovery, knowledge construction, transformational and independent learning, which is beneficial to students and parents who want alternative learning options for their children, in a smaller controlled environment without sacrificing educational opportunity. This along with the future of our 

children is our major motivation.