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SPATIL Private Academy

Providing Visionary Skills, Tools, And Techniques Toward Infinite Achievement.

Pre– Kindergarten Program

- Practice the morning routines such as a “moment of silence” or pledge to the flag

- Have the children practice raising hands to answer questions

- Practice carrying items on cafeteria trays (or cookie sheets) - this can be done in centers as

well as during meals and snacks or on the playground

- Learn to open individual milk cartons and straws

- Learn to open individual condiment (ketchup, mustard, etc.) packets

- Practice walking as a group from the classroom to other locations in the building

- Have the children go to another classroom so another teacher can "teach" them a brief

special lesson (such as music or P.E). This helps the children get used to the idea that they

may have other teachers for "specials"

- Answer "roll call"

- Practice getting on and off a school bus

- Practice checking out library books (using a card) from the public library, classroom

library, or site office

- Read aloud children’s books that are about Kindergarten

- Learn to sharpen a pencil

- Plan activities that require cooperative interaction. Some ideas are: o Work with a friend to

put together teacher made puzzles o Work with a friend to match simple word cards with

symbol cards /Work with a friend to match classmates’ name with their picture /Paint

with a partner / Build with a buddy /Group or partner playground games.